Your photos are shafts of light, little visions had by monks on transcendental voyages across planet Earth. When I look at your photos, I'm gladder for the gift of sight, for being human and alive, right now.
-Christy M.
When equipped with a camera, there is nothing in this world mundane, ugly, or awful, M has a distinct talent to make anything and everything beautiful. The only woman I know who could make me want to live in a puddle for its beauty.
-Jessica C.
Her work is not just a window to other places, but to rare moments we feel blessed to witness.
-Eric M.
The photos hum and pulse with a bright and gritty realism and will grace the walls of my home forever more.
-Jeremy P.
I have two of them on my living room wall... I'd have a whole room with your photos in frames if I could.
-Sherry K.

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